Rapid CSS 2008

Rapid CSS 2008

Rapid CSS Editor is designed to save you time and make your job easier

Rapid CSS 2008 is a professional editor for HTML, XHTML, and CSS web pages. It has a comfortable interface and a set of integrated tools to create, edit, validate, reuse, browse and format your code in a quick and easy manner. It can read and save files in PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, WML, ASP, XML formats, and others. It runs on Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT and XP.

After trying the program, you’ll be able to choose between two types of licenses, with very affordable prices, according to the work you’re going to do with this editor: professional license ($39.85) and personal license ($29.85).

Here are the main features and benefits that you’ll obtain using this program:

Working with projects: in order to organize your work when you're working with different web sites at a time, you’ll be able to create projects and subfolders to organize the files of several formats. You’ll be able to identify the projects with suitable names and assign them directory paths.

FTP/Web Uploading and Downloading: either you work with projects or files, you’ll be able to open files from an FTP server or from a Web site. Likewise, after editing them, you’ll be able to save them into your local disk or upload them directly to your FTP server. Using the “publishing” option, you’ll be able to save a local copy and, at the same time, upload the file to the FTP server.

Using templates: it counts on a variety of templates that you’ll be able to create your own web pages, by customizing their code. Likewise, you’ll be able to create your own templates to reuse them afterwards.

Tools for text editing: the search bar will provide you a quick access to search commands and text replacement, as well as possibility to find matching brackets; you’ll be able to use “bookmarks” to mark specific positions within your texts; you’ll be able to search and replace series of texts, based on regular expressions; the Auto Spell Check will help you to correct the incorrect words, since it’ll be highlighting those unrecognized words for the language you’re using.

Main tools for code edition:
- Extended Clipboard: this tool will gather expressions that you’ll be able to reuse, just by dragging them to your text sheet.
- Realtime Syntax Check: this tool activates when you start or erase a code line, and will automatically check the syntax, highlighting the errors. (Available for PHP and Ruby language)
- Inspector: This tool displays the attributes supported by HTML tags, inserted in the code. If you change the attributes' values, using the edition fields provided by the Inspector, the code will automatically update.
- Auto complete: in order to speed up the writing, this tool will show you a list of elements and valid attributes to insert directly by clicking with the mouse.
- HTML Tidy: is a detection and HTML code errors alert tool, integrated with the program, and will help you to detect and solve programming problems.
- Code Explorer: when using CSS language, you’ll be able to use the Code Explorer, to see and browse a list of all CSS selectors in contained current document.
- Library: it includes code segments that you’ll be able to insert into your document to write programs quickly and correctly. You’ll be able to organize the library using folders and subfolders.
- Internal Preview: for you to be able go checking the outcome of your code, the Preview tab will show you a preview of your web without the need of closing the programming environment.

Lionel Mira
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  • It includes HTML and CSS code references
  • It’s light and fast for programming
  • It reads several file formats


  • It doesn’t include tools for visual programming
  • It’s only available for Windows
  • It’s only available in English
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